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Kylie Hanna

Founder of Just Be Zen, Baby

 Kylie has used her own journey through motherhood to create a safe and open space for those looking to invite peace, oneness and enlightenment into their lives through Hypnobirthing, Baby Massage and Reiki.

Kylie offers 1:1 and group sessions in Hypnobirthing, 1:1 classes in Baby Massage, and in-person or distant Reiki healing.

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Kylie is an incredible educator who was not only knowledgeable but also made me feel extremely relaxed, welcome and comfortable. The skills I have learnt were invaluable and I was able to apply these throughout my pregnancy and pre-natal care. Thanks to Kylie and hypnobirthing I was empowered to have the birth experience I have always dreamt of.

By Bridget /

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