Kylie Hanna

Founder of Just Be Zen, Baby

Kylie Hanna, Founder of Just Be Zen Baby

Hi I’m Kylie,


a mum & partner & I love spending time with my little family & my friends. If my head isn’t stuck in a book, you’ll find me on the beach walking our 2 dogs. 

Pregnancy & motherhood can be full on, and to be honest, a little often stressful with so much pressure put upon us. This is why I decided to create “Just Be Zen Baby” – a safe space for teaching skills & techniques to new & expectant parents to make life just that little bit more zen.

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The benefits of baby massage

Improved Sleep

Improves Symptoms of PPD

Reduced Stress

Weight Gain for Underweight Babies

Helps Colic/Reflux

Why i chose a hypnobirth

In expectant mothers who have practised the hypnobirthing philosophy and technique, there has been a…

reduction in caesarian rates

shorter labour

reduction in epidural requests

reduction in forceps delivery

The power of reiki

Stress Reduction

Promotes Healing

Rejeuvenates the Soul

Creates Balance

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